8 Jobs That Can Make You Rich

Tired of waiting for Bitcoin to reach $1 million so that you can retire? We totally understand, but not really. A far more practical option is to find yourself a job that pays you enough so that you never have to work again. If that makes any sense. There are plenty of jobs that can make you a lot of money, and they don’t all require you to be tall or throw a baseball 100MPH. Check out these 8 jobs that could make you really wealthy.

1. Hedge Fund Manager

Imagine this: a bunch of rich guys want to get richer. So they pool their money together and seek out high-risk, high-return on their investment. As a hedge fund manager, your job is to help them reach their target financial goals so that they can afford to buy that second yacht or third private jet. The beauty of being a hedge fund manager is that you aren’t typically going to be putting in 40-hour weeks. But that doesn’t mean the job is easy. You work with traders and analysts, pour through financial news of the day, and ultimately green light the transactions. You get paid fees and commissions based on how successful you are at investing.

How much does it pay: If you’re really good at your job, you can make around $2 million a year. If you’re insanely good, as much as $1 billion.

2. Real Estate Developer

If you want to have a successful career in real estate development, you need to possess several skills. For instance, you need to have the keen ability to spot lucrative opportunities. You also need to be able to raise the appropriate amount of capital, come up with budgets for the development projects, cost estimates, and be able to predict future market trends. Of course, since this is a high-risk endeavor, you have to be willing to stomach the idea that you might end up losing a crapload of money if the real estate market tanks.

How much does it pay: The typical real estate developer easily makes six figures, but the most successful are worth $10 billion and more.

3. Trial Lawyer

Contrary to popular belief, most lawyer jobs are not glamorous at all. You start by spending the first two months of your career studying for the BAR exam so that you can be licensed to practice in your state. Then you are in the office for 12-16 hours a day as you work up the ladder and gain the respect of your law firm. Most lawyers only make a modest living, especially if you work such fields as tax law. But if your goal is to be a trial lawyer who settles or wins civil cases for your clients, you can potentially make millions. There is a catch though: you need to be charismatic, persuasive, and have ice in your veins. Most people don’t have what it takes, but if you do, you could be living large.

How much does it pay: The average trial lawyer makes around $66,000, but high-powered attorneys make millions.