Top 10: Best Luxury Hotels In Paris

Monumental squares, the centuries-old churches, the famous boulevards, the Seine and romantic bridges that cross it, the magnificent palaces, and Montmartre’s cobblestone streets make Paris one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The City of Light has not only inspired painters, sculptors, writers, poets and composers but also practically every major world capital, with every city claiming its own Champs-Elysèes. Cruise on the Seine or watch the world pass by from a café terrace or and it’s easy to understand why so many people fall in love with Paris. But what hotel do you need to book for a luxurious break in Paris? I hereby present you my top 10 of Paris’ most luxurious hotels.


Conceived in 1892, this neo-classical chateau is a touch of added class in a city already swimming in it. 48 bespoke rooms house spoiled guests, all of whom will luxuriate in the confines of their room or suite, draped in heady fabrics, and framed by a well-curated collection of period furnishings. When not perusing the private gardens or the nearby sites including the Arc de Triomphe and Trocadéro, guests might choose to recharge in the Guerlain spa, with fitness room, steam rooms and indulgent massage parlors. Being French, the hotel is expected to have scrumptious fare in distinct surrounds — and it does. Enjoy a meal outdoors on the terrace, where hot air balloons hover over chatty diners. Indoors at the restaurant, coziness is served alongside rich and varied French cuisine.

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