Top 10: Most Spectacular Waterfalls In The World

It is often said “A strong man and a waterfall channel their own path”. Waterfalls are among the most exquisite and beautiful wonders of nature. Below we have gathered what we think are the 10 most beautiful & spectacular waterfalls in the world, the ones that should be on your bucket list. More info below the slide show. Think we missed one? Share your favorite waterfall in the comments section.


Niagara Falls, on the USA-Canada border, is undoubtedly the best known waterfall on the planet. It receives somewhere between 14 and 20 million visitors annually and has been the location for many foolhardy and daring feats, such as that performed by Annie Edson Taylor, who was the first person to survive a trip over the Niagara Falls in a barrel. At 1203 m (3950 ft) wide, it’s far from the largest waterfall around, but it is the falls with the largest volume of water traveling through it. It has three separate parts: American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe, or Canadian, Falls. The best view is from the water. Just make sure to bring your poncho.

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